Boats up to a size of 27″ are very well trailerable. The maximum weight must not exceed 3500kg.
We distribute the brands Van Claes and Freewheel.
A boat trailer must always be adapted to the boat after purchase to get the best Stability and balance. 
Dimensions, versions and accessories on request.
The trailers are delivered with COC papers, which are necessary to register the trailer within the EU. 

Preisliste Freewheel GT serie

Preisliste Vanclaes Excelleron

Preisliste Vanclaes opties

Freewheel 3-as 9mtr.
Freewheel 3-as 8mtr. Black edition
Freewheel 3-as 8mtr. Black edition
Vanclaes Excelleron Gyro 8,5 mtr. – Black editon
Freewheel 3500 2-as Black edition